American Idol: Julie Zorrilla's performance underwhelming on "Girls' Night"

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Don't know if you happened to catch Idol last night. If you didn't, you missed "Girls' Night" in which all of the top twelve ladies had a chance to perform individually. Despite being early boosters of Julie Zorrilla, if we're being honest here, we have to say it just wasn't a good look for her last night.

Although we've frequently disagreed with the judges' assessments of contestants thus far, they were pretty spot-on last night with Zorrilla. Frankly, she has yet to step up and deliver a dazzling performance on par with any of the stuff she's recorded at Mercury Sauce. And she's simply has to do that to have any chance of standing out and being a true contender.

Although she looked dashing as always last night, everything about her performance was underwhelming, from her song selection ("Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson, in which Randy Jackson rightly proclaimed that Zorrilla hadn't brought anything new to the arrangement and didn't sing it nearly as well -- or with as much gusto -- as the original Idol winner) to her wavering pitch to her stage presence, which felt rigid and forced. At this point, it's starting to become frustrating, because there's no question the girl's got it in her.

To compound matters, she was outshone by several of her competitors, including Lauren Alaina -- which Jackson again rightly pegged as splitting the difference between Clarkson and Carrie Underwood; she resembles the two in both range and stature -- and Pia Toscano, who received a standing ovation from the judges for her rendition of the Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You." We'll see how Zorrilla fared with America tonight, when the votes are tallied and the results are revealed live.

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Julie Zorilla was atrocious last week, which is a shame because she's gorgeous and her legs are sexy as heII. I could suck on those legs for hourse.... and she has a great voice.

But she picked a horrible song for her, and sang it poorly. I wanted her to win it all this year and think she has the ability to do so. But with this talented of a group, her huge mistakes proved fatal and deservedly so. Contrast that to Kendra (also a delicious figure), and it's fair that Julie was eliminated.

Kendra did great and got 100% positive reviews from all 3 judges, and she looked hot as well. And still she got sent home. This is a tough field.

Julie should still be able to make some money for herself based on her model looks. I bet Playboy has contacted her, although they seem to prefer the blondes like Kendra.


America has spoken ? Julie was snubbed. Somebody major please sign her and make hits. It should be a crime if she goes nowhere.

Nathan Reid
Nathan Reid

It's a big stage for a young performer, and you can certainly understand how it might get the best of any artist, given the circumstance. While many of us get to have those "not quite up to par" performances in bars filled with 25 people, 10 of which are friends/family, Julie had one in front of 25 million people. Regardless of the outcome on American Idol, I believe in her potential, and we'll be back in the studio soon, working on music that you'll enjoy for years to come.

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