Break Dancing! Animated GIFS will pop and lock your day

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Break dancing took Denver by storm in the mid '80s, drawing 10,000 people to a competition at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, where this paper's founder and editor Patricia Calhoun was a judge.

Found in the archives -- thanks to a purchase at the Tattered Cover years ago -- comes this how-to book from 1984, Break Dancing, complete with step-by-step instructions on what to wear, a glossary of terms and history of the then infantile dance genre. Want to learn how to perfect the Side Moodwalk? The The Robot Walk or the The Mannequin? Break Dancing has you covered.

That same year LL Cool J released his debut single, "I Need a Beat." Consider this your soundtrack the below animated GIF files, assembled by Westword art director and closet breakdancer Jay Vollmar.


On the next page: A few more incredible pages from Break Dancing.

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Lino Delgado

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