Steel Panther at the Bluebird Theater, 3/16/11

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Aaron Thackeray

with Drug Under
03.16.11 | Bluebird Theater
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Last night, Steel Panther and a few hundred of its closest friends in Denver, hopped in the Delorean with Doc and took the Bluebird Theater back to the future when spandex, hairspray and Van Halen riffs ruled the airwaves. Welcome back to the fucking '80s, man.

Aaron Thackeray
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As some stragglers were still filing in at 9:30 p.m. -- clad in their best leathers, cut-offs and spandex, Drug Under opened the night with high hopes and thorns up. Drug Under licked its way (literally -- bassist Aaron Greenwall was licking the neck of his cherry red axe) through some tasty tunes and bass lines. Romero, the band's longtime frontman, dedicated a song to his daughter, who was out in the crowd. He picked up an acoustic guitar for the final song, a cover of Alice In Chains "Nutshell." Drug Under's presence was heard, if not enthusiastically felt. Bandanna'd heads nodded along, but the air was thick with anticipation for Steel Panther. And Aquanet.

Steel Panther came out a little bit after 10 p.m. and ripped into "Turn Out The Lights," a song about ... wait for it ... partying. This was theme the entire night from the band, which you'd swear is comprised of horny sixteen-year-olds stuck in the bodies of heavy metal geezers.

Aaron Thackeray
See Steel Panther at the Bluebird slideshow

During "Fat Girls," lead singer Michael Starr brought up four girls to dance. Between the guitarist pelvis thrusting each girl and the lead singer begging for some girl-on-girl action, the small stage got cramped, as the dudes rolled through "Community Property," a power ballad of the highest order, boasting the lines "my heart belongs to you, but my dong is community property." The girls, meanwhile, made out with each other, flashed the whole place and one of the ladies, dubbed "Cinnamon" by lead singer Michael Starr, simulated a blowjob that would have made Monica Lewinsky proud.

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