Stingray Lounge set to open next week in former Boston Fish Shack

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Leigh Jones, who already owned Jonesey's EatBar and the Horseshoe Lounge, just opened Bar Car last June. So she thought it might be too soon to open a fourth place. But in December after Steve Gelman closed the Boston Fish Shack (formerly Gelman's before that at 2911 West 38th Avenue) and essentially made Jones an offer she couldn't refuse, Jones and her business partner Margaret Moore took over the spot. Now they're planning on opening it as the Stingray Lounge on Thursday, March 10.

Jones originally thought about going with a surf theme, she says, but decided to go with early '60s car culture, after getting some creative inspiration from a trip to Austin, Texas. Think American Graffiti, drag racing, even a little bit of Beach Blanket Bingo.

"Jonesy's is like an older sister over there," Jones says, "and the Horseshoe is kind of like the kid bar. And this one, even though it's more like the Horseshoe, it's going to be a little bit older. This neighborhood is a little older."

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