String Cheese Incident at 1STBANK, 3/12/11

Kate Levy

Winter Carnival, Night Three
03.12.11 | 1STBANK CENTER

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The String Cheese Incident brought its three-night stand to a close at the 1STBANK Center in front of the wildest crowd yet. Complete with a costume contest, body painting by Icarus Zaure, Sven Jorgensen balancing around on a large ball whilst juggling, and The Conscious Alliance accepting donations for posters, the Winter Carnival celebrated the end of one season and the beginning of a new.

Photo Britt Chester

See full slide show of Saturday's show at 1STBANK Center

Whereas many similar three-night runs start on a Friday and close on Sunday, with Saturday being the big party night, SCI did it right by kicking things off on Thursday and culminating on Saturday. Call it simple planning or genius marketing, but wrapping things up as they did was the perfect way to please everyone. Not only did it allow for everyone to get plenty of sleep before the week starts, but it gave the heads who parachuted in for the mayhem ample time to make it back home for work on Monday -- as well as enough down time for everyone's chemicals to re-balance themselves.

The energy that flooded into the 1STBANK Center is more than noteworthy. Everyone knew Cheese would throw down for the finale, but no one could have expected what they had in store for everyone. Opening with "Song In My Head" was the perfect way to get everyone loose, speaking to our subconscious with "There's a song in my head, and it's driving me crazy." Kyle Hollingsworth elevated the tempo on the organ, as Nershi sang "it's getting louder... it's getting louder... it's getting LOUDER!"

Photo Britt Chester

See full slide show of Saturday's show at 1STBANK Center

Michael Kang praised everyone for coming out and insisted we send all the positive energy we had overseas to those effected by the earthquake that leveled Japan, along with the aftershocks that have left the country demolished. The energy in the room was off the chart as the group kicked in to "100 Year Flood." That was followed by "Rosie" and "Will it Go Round in Circles," featuring openers Ian Neville, Ivan Neville and Tony Hall, who sat in with the band.

Photo Britt Chester

What's great about Cheese, aside from the obvious stage presence and talent, is the diversity of each band member. Each has a successful side project that showcases their skills outside of the designated instrument seen at Cheese shows. Last night, drummer Michael Travis (who plays percussion in Eoto>) took to the microphone and belted out a spot on version, if not better than the original, of The Fixx's "One Thing Leads To Another." He shimmy-shaked around the stage, rigidly stepping to the beat, proving that drums and percussion are not his only skill set.

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1STBANK Center

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