SXSW Travelogue: A. Tom Collins makes a snakeskin necktie and wakes up with driveway-inflicted swellbows

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Saturday, March 19

Update From a Post-Show Hangover: Since our last post no one has died, though some attempts at inter-band murder have been made along with a few bouts of minor larceny. Shortly after our romp in the river, Andy befriended a good-natured water moccasin who shortly thereafter was converted into a snakeskin necktie.

It just goes to show us that a significant portion of our man-child posse should be left in the van whenever possible, and never, never given skateboards or any other four-wheeled transportation after two in the morning. Four out of five of us woke up with an excellent collection of driveway-inflicted swellbows, only paling in comparison to the bite wounds inflicted on Robert by a zoo tiger that he attempted to doll up with lipstick before trying to fly it to the moon.

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Austin has been, to our chagrin, a madhouse to navigate through in Vaughn's time machine. Fortunately our accommodations (the home of party lawyer David Peterson) are close enough to the center of town that we often only get lost two or three times on the way back to it. Aaron has been perfecting a new song about having locked his lovely
wife in the bathroom after she tried to stab him -- her only comment is, "I don't remember that. I don't think it happened."

It did happen.

We played last night at Charlie's house, once again with the lovely Paper Bird and their dastardly side project, Harpoontang. After consuming fifty or so Lone Stars, enough corn whiskey to kill a gorilla and something that was transported to Texas in the muffler of a '98 Mazda, we performed a quiet (by our standards), semi-acoustic set to a crowd that needed little prompting to get up out of their seats and shake down some dance party action.

After only one threatened stabbing, we made it back to David's house safe and sound, only to muck it up with barefooted driveway skateboarding. If we all make it back to the CO alive and with every limb intact, I think it will have been a touring success. Today we are off to the Reverb showcase to play, and later we will return to our Austin home to throwdown a hootenanny, with music by our lawyer and possibly his
lovely roommate's thirty-person marching band.

Until next time,
A. Tom Collins

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