Inspired by Ben Weasel's female bashing SXSW fracas: The five worst onstage outbursts

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Ben Weasel proved his douchebaggery last week by lashing out during a Screeching Weasel performance at SXSW, punching not one, but two women. The show-stopping fracas was caught on tape. The rest of the band was so embarrassed by the pathetic display that they reportedly quit the band, leaving Ben alone to cope with the shitstorm he now has to deal with.

In case you missed it, this:

Gearing up to play the most depressing show of my life in the most joyless, soulless, shameful excuse of a music event in modern history.less than a minute ago via web

RT @jasunnxvx Why so glum, chum?<- I'm about to go play for free for douchey rock critics & music industry hacks. I'm ashamed of myself.less than a minute ago via web

RT @jbanal Why? Just, why?<- Why'd I agree to it? I'm a dumb ass who listened to his management and label instead of his gut, that's why.less than a minute ago via web

...preceded this:

Believe it or not, this sort of thing happens way more frequent than you'd imagine in the music world. There's been a number of such incidents captured on film over the years. Click through for five of the worst such outbursts.

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