Arcade Fire at 1STBANK Center, 4/9/11

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Photo: Brandon Marshall
Arcade Fire singer Win Butler last night. See full slide show from last night.
With Local Natives
04.09.11 | 1STBANK Center
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The trailer for the 1979 film Over the Edge, which featured a fourteen-year-old Matt Dillon in his film debut, played on the screen behind the stage at 1STBANK Center just before Arcade Fire came on Saturday night. The film, which was supposedly shot in Aurora and Greeley, has been hailed as the "greatest teen rebellion movie of all time" by Vice magazine and was apparently the inspiration for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video.

While Arcade Fire's show didn't incite any teenage riots, the Montreal-based eight-piece did get a predominantly younger crowd fired up with an hour-and-a-half-long set drawing from the band's latest release, The Suburbs, and its previous albums, Funeral and Neon Bible. Kicking off the show with the propulsive "Ready to Start," Arcade Fire kept the momentum driving through "Keep the Car Running" with frontman Win Butler playing mandolin.

Brandon Marshall
The Arcade Fire last night. See full slide show from last night.
After the tom-heavy "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)," Butler said, "We couldn't decide whether to say Denver or Boulder, so I'll just say suburban Denver. We were driving here, and we were about halfway, and we were like, 'Wait a minute. Are we on the outskirts of Montréal? Where the hell are we?'"

It was the band's third visit to Colorado since first playing to a few hundred folks at the Larimer Lounge in 2004 and then headlining Red Rocks three years later. With a good portion of 1STBANK Center filled up, the band delivered a performance that wasn't quite as epic as its Red Rocks date but still delved into a powerful set, fueled by its superb handle on dynamics, where the musicians can take a subtle section of tune and just inject a jolt of energy into it.

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"music journalism", so bad. Errors in re song titles notwithstanding, why harp on not having Wake Up as a closer when you should know that they have been closing with that song FOR EH VER...I dunno. This was dumb, backbeat.


The local natives song is called "sun hands" ,not "sundance".


It's "Ready to Start" not "Ready to Go".

Maybe you got confused with No Cars Go?

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