Beats Antique at the Boulder Theater, 4/8/11

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Photo: Britt Chester

Inspired Flight • the Tailor
04.08.11 | Boulder Theater

Beats Antique sold out of tickets for the Boulder Theater up to the very last minute. Whether everyone showed up for the music or the belly dancing, it's a safe bet that the venue full of gypsies, scenesters, dancers, fairies and anyone else privy to the next-level music came out for a highly anticipated show and got more than their money's worth. Openers Inspired Flight and The Tailor applied the perfect pace to set the tone for an evening of beautiful, organic music.

Britt Chester
Inspired Flight

Inspired Flight, a duo of keys, vocals and electric guitar, played slow beats for the still-filling venue. The subtle, almost tranquil, melodies were felt throughout the room, as everyone began to get in the groove for the night. The theme, obvious for anyone who came to see Zoe Jakes, was dancing, and IF inserted just the right amount of energy into its set to get things moving without having everyone beading sweat and panting for air.

Britt Chester
Ashley Marie Mazanec
A recent addition the group, Ashley Marie Mazanec, came out to sing over a couple tracks.

Britt Chester
The Tailor

The Tailor strutted out following Inspired Flight's set wearing a ragged white tank top, a neck tie that was cut in half and a newsie-style cap. The outfit matched the personality perfectly; it was as if we were all stuck in a parallel universe where electric banjo and a smoky voice somehow fit perfectly in an underground jazz club. With simple two-step looping beats playing on his laptop, the Tailor seduced everyone with soulful hums between lyrics that bounced on and off the track in perfect improvisation. "Belong Tonight," with it's repetitive hook and bobbing beat, was a definite peak in the set.

With his liquid movements and from-the-depth-of-emotion voice, the Tailor sent the place into a trance. A good kind of trance though, one that would make doing dishes a sexy evening task. It's the kind of music that everyone could undoubtedly agree would always be appropriate to play, no matter the time or circumstance, simply because it's soothing sound rings so lovely in your ears. Couple that with the Tailor's live harmonic improvisations and the whole thing made for a truly a great way to steadily innervate everyone's inner gypsy.

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Boulder Theater

2032 14th St., Boulder, CO

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