Ellie Goulding at the Fox Theatre, 4/2/11

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with the Knocks
04.02.11 | Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre sold out last night for rising U.K. singer/songwriter Ellie Goulding. A long line of women, pre-teens to moms, sprinkled with an occasional boyfriend, extended up The Hill in Boulder for the show. Aside of the scalpers trying to make a quick buck on a ticket-sleeping fan, tickets were scarce.

The Knocks, who are currently touring with Goulding, opened the show at promptly 9 p.m. with bass-friendly dance tracks that instantly had every person cramped into the front moving and jumping along to the beat. The duo's sound was friendly, as opposed some of the newer "dance" music that is increasing in popularity at clubs around here. In this case, "friendly" meant "fun." The music carried a simple two-step beat that required little attention to stay in rhythm with.

Photo Britt Chester

The Knocks did a great job of getting the blood flowing with clean remixes and electronic-infused vocals over their beats. Songs like "Something to Dance to" and "Dance with a DJ" filled the set, along with a remix of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek," which features a hook sampled on a plethora of dub remixes ("Mmmm Whatcha say, Mmmm That you only meant well?"). The drum pad/keyboard combo had this Booka Shade kind of energy, but certainly not the same flavor.

The all-ages show sold out in the days leading up, and it was obvious who was scooping up all the tickets upon entering. The body-heavy under 21 side was packed along the wall and down and into the pit. In contrast, the over 21 side had enough room to waltz from one side to the other without touching anyone. It was strange to see such an in-demand show look so empty, but it still sold out.

Ellie Goulding's band came out first and opened with the music from "Under The Sheets," before Goulding came walking out donning star-printed tights and a sleeveless button-up. Her voice was a little wavering in the beginning, almost as if she couldn't find it, but towards the end of the song, she was belting with powerful emotion. Goulding sings with such fervor on every song, giving each live performance every piece of her voice. Despite some recent throat issues, she credited Boulder's clean air with helping her feel better, which garnered applause and cheer.

Photo Britt Chester

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Fox Theatre

1128 13th St., Boulder, CO

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You show the lights that stop me turn to stoneYou shine It when I'm aloneAnd so I tell myself that I'll be strongAnd dreaming when they're gone!!!!

GOD... Ellie goulding is SOOOO HOT!!! I want to make her my wife. and with a voice that that, who could ever get bored (not to mention her stunning physique!)

THank you Mr. chester for such a great post about the love of my life!!!

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