MiM0Sa at the Boulder Theater, 4/16/11

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Britt Chester
With Mista Mista and Archnemesis
Boulder Theater | 4.16.11

With help from Mista Mista and Archnemesis, Mimosa sold out the Boulder Theater last night for the second of what some merely assumed would be a two-show stop. In light of the greatest holiday a music fan could ever ask for, Record Store Day, Tigran Mimosa played a free DJ set right inside the doors of Album on the Hill. Included in this show review are some brief words from Albums On the Hill owner Andy Schneidkraut on this "legendary, intimate event."

Britt Chester
The doors didn't open until 9 p.m., but as there were only three artists, it would have have been difficult and somewhat dragging to give them sets longer than an hour or so.

Mista Mista opened up to a relatively small, but over-the-top, lively crowd. His birthday was this weekend, you could imagine the energy he was spilling into his controllers. Well, it was contagious, and like an audible virus, it spread and spread until the second tier of the floor was filled and pouring into the third. Sure he was just up there twisting knobs, one, maybe two at a time, but he twisting them hard.

The Boulder Theater rewarded him greatly and like a true rookie, he fumbled over what to say to close out his set before awkwardly running through a sea of hands saying, "I don't know what to do when that happens."

Britt Chester
Representin' NC
It wasn't but a few minutes before Archnemesis came out. I reviewed their show at Cervantes in February and equated their sound to Pretty Lights in the build-ups and drops, so hearing them drop several, new, remixed Pretty Lights tracks to start reminded me why I enjoyed my first experience so much.

The group is currently promoting their first EP, Diamonds and Glass, available for free on its website, with another show tonight at Copper Mountain, followed by a fourth night in Aspen.

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Boulder Theater

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