Photos: Method Man and Redman last night at the Fox Theater, 4/7/11

Photo: Ru Johnson
Method Man and Redman doing their rockstar thing last night the Fox Theater in Boulder.
Last night, after kicking it at the Red Bull Thre3Style competition at the Boulder Theater, (which DJ Vajra won, by the way) we decided to kill two birds with one Boulder, if you will, and headed down to the Fox Theater where Red Man and Method Man were getting underway with their set.

Somehow we found ourselves watching the mayhem from backstage which included smoke galore and an overzealous fan getting literally tossed on his ass after vaulting onto the stage from the front row. The guys crowd surfed and acted practiced and wild.

Classic hip-hop shit. (See more photos below.)

Photo: Ru Johnson
Method Man connects with the audience.
Method Man and Redman's DJ -- can you ID him? Help us out.
Photo: Ru Johnson
Redman holds up an Ol' Dirty Bastard shirt thrown on stage by an audience member.

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Fox Theatre

1128 13th St., Boulder, CO

Category: Music

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