Skrillex at Beta, 3.31.11

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Photo Britt Chester

With Nate Ishe and Trajikk
3.31.11 | Beta

Last night, the number-one DJ in the world gave a piece of himself to one of the top clubs in the world. With little standing room, hardly a line at the bar and sweat dripping from the everyone standing on the upstairs balcony, Beta reminded everyone just why they've earned that designation. A long line at the opening didn't stop the sold-out club from reaching capacity quickly, which allowed the openers to perform in front of a full house.

With the recent upgrades at Beta and recent notoriety as the number one club in the country, selling this show out was pretty much a given. Skrillex is riding huge waves right now, from a chart-topping, bass-dropping cut with vocals by none other than America's favorite pop star to ridicule, Britney Spears to his recent stint on the MTV Woodies to the whopper of a set he dropped in Las Vegas just before coming to town.

Those who didn't sleep on the early opening -- 8 p.m., to be precise, roughly four hours before the headliner would even think of dropping a beat -- managed to find and maintain the choicest spots in the middle of the dance floor. It wasn't even 9:30 when the room became so flooded with eager groups of people that getting from the entrance to the DJ booth proved nearly impossible. Make that completely impossible.

Photo Britt Chester

Denver local and Whomp Truck regular Nate Ishe opened his set with what is becoming his signature statement: "Where all my dubsteppers at?" This sent said dubsteppers into a completely seized-out frenzy of sweat and sway. Ishe's short set set the place on fire before Trajikk -- a familiar face to anyone who has ever heard of Triad Dragons -- took to the decks and wound through some heavy house beats for a few minutes leading up to the headliner.

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1909 Blake St., Denver, CO

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one, he's never worked with Britney Spears. Two, he's not the number one DJ in the world, look at the rankings by DJ magazine. A little research helps when writing articles.


Too bad Skrillex had Ishe taken off the decks because he "didn't want dubstep" played before him.


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