Zeds Dead at the Ogden Theatre, 4/15/11

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Photo: Britt Chester

Zeds Dead
With Nick G. and Sage B. Ragin, Zeno and 2DUBAII
Ogden Theatre | 4/15/11

Last night at the Ogden Theatre, Zeds Dead threw down for an energetic crowd in which the music was nonstop, the decibel meter slowly rose with each subsequent artist and the crowd gradually seemed to meld into one large air-humping party.

Upon arriving, the first thing we noticed was that there seemed to be an unusually high number of bracelets being applied on this particular night. About mid-show, it became very apparent why when all the hands went up in the air. There were more Xs visible than in Charlie Sheen's special little black book. Clearly this music knows know age. The place was packed with young and old, and everyone raged with equal vigor all night.

Photo: Britt Chester
Nick G. and Sage B. Ragin...raging.

Nick G. and Sage B. Ragin were the first to grace the stage last night. There were three tables set up on the stage when they came out: Two DJ set-ups on the front flanking Zeds Dead's controllers in the center. The Ogden filled up pretty quick by the time Nick and Sage were finishing up and Zeno was coming on. This show pretty much didn't stop from the first act to the last. The set list had no breaks in it whatsoever. The performers just walked out, picked up where the previous act left off and ran with the beats -- with the exception of Zeno, who just couldn't seem to pick up the pace. He was trying, but the crowd was just not feeling it, and soon, the line to smoke in the Colfax cancer corral was one-in-one-out.

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Ogden Theatre

935 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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