A first look at Danielle Ate the Sandwich's new video for "Where the Good Ones Go"

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So here's a new twist: Danielle Ate the Sandwich has released a new video on YouTube, and from the looks of it, it's a bit of a departure from the quaint, self-filmed-in-her-apartment shorts from which she initially made her name. No pithy quips, witty repartee or rousing covers on this one.

Rather this clip looks to be an honest-to-goodness music video (directed and edited by Ryan Anthony Martin and co-produced by Nick Celentano) featuring the lovely Ms. Sandwich singing a delightful little ditty of her own called "Where the Good Ones Go." Oh don't worry. It's still plenty quirky. The whole thing centers on the singer wandering around a ranch on some sort of scavenger hunt, collecting buttons, thread and a pin cushion, and then sewing some sort of garment that she later adorns a tree. (?) Have a look below.

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She kind of reminds me of Kareem Abduhl Jabar. Not lyrically or musically but looks wise.

color me impressed
color me impressed

She is so talented - her voice reminds me of Susan Anway who famously sang on some of the Magnetic Fields albums. Great production values on this album as well by the way. Definitely doesn't sound like a "local band" recording


she kind of reminds me of tUnE-yArDs if Merril was really boring and homely.

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