First annual Great American Techno Festival to hit Great American Beer Festival

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Techno and craft beer go together like ... well, like nothing we've ever seen before, because oftentimes, craft-beer-lovers and lovers of electronica occupy different spheres of existence. But come September 29, the inaugural Great American Techno Festival, brainchild of local DJ/producer/man-about-town John Templeton, will hitch a ride on the lauded coattails of the Great American Beer Festival.

"I've always enjoyed going to Great American Beer Fest," declares Templeton. "It's a big part of Denver, and it's grown so much that every hotel room in town is booked." After brainstorming the GATF for a while, Templeton e-mailed Chris Pryor at the Brewers Association. "I said I'd really be interested in coordinating music events around GABF, and has anyone else contacted you about this? And he said they were interested.

"If I can tap into just one percent of the 50,000 people," says Templeton, "we can do events we wouldn't normally be able to do."

Also: This isn't going to be the Denver answer to Miami's World Music Conference, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival or even the Boulder-based Communikey. "The idea is to marry techno and craft beer," Templeton stresses. "So we want to use venues that are close to downtown, where people can access them, and breweries can come in and get access to people they wouldn't normally be able to.

"The point of GABF is to celebrate small, craft, American breweries," he continues. "It's about embracing the small guys. Great American Techno Festival will follow along the same lines. Only American artists, and we're not going after the Richie Hawtin and Kevin Saunderson -- big but not that big -- Tim Xavier, Tony Rohr, and people like Audio Injection, Jason Short. And I want to do a free street show next to Great Divide on September 30. All-ages free show with Lusine [Seattle] and m50 [Chicago].

"So it'll kind of have the feel of a real festival in that Friday and Saturday," he concludes. "For people out-of-town, they will catch all out-of-town headliners. On Thursday night and Sunday evening, we will do showcases for local talent as well, to let people here get the spotlight with the national audience."

Visit for more info, or contact Templeton and his committee directly.

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I highly doubt that the people at GABF are trying to partner with the GATF

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