West Coast travelogue part two: Night of Joy, Lust-Cats of the Gutters and Sara Century come home

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Kentaro Murai
Lust-Cats of the Gutters in Moscow, Idaho
There is something really awesome about being able to wake up and look at a day and think, I'm probably going to be in at least two states during the course of the next 24 hours. This is the epitome of what tour feels like, when it's going well, anyway. Our stay in Portland was a continuation of the first week of greatness, as we crashed out in the attic of our friends and Colorado transplants, Mali and Dave. We had a day off to shop, eat and catch up with people we knew in the city before playing an awesome show with Best Supporting Actress (also made up of Colorado transplants) and Guantanamo Baywatch.

Kentaro Murai
Night of Joy, Moscow, Idaho
Seeing Guantanamo Baywatch play is generally an unreal experience, mostly because the band's bass player, Chevelle, is not only a total shredder, but is possibly the most beautiful woman you will ever see in real life. To be in her presense is daunting for me, because I admire her playing and am mesmerized by her every move on stage. It is always an honor to play with them, and the show proved again to be great for all of us.

The next morning, we packed up and headed to a tattoo shop for our appointments with Mannee Friday, an artist we were connected to through a mutual friend. While some of us were getting matching tour memoriam tattoos, others in our group were getting "marijuana in the park" tickets.

Our mothers would be so proud.

From there, we headed to Olympia, Washington, for our show at an all-ages volunteer-run space called Northern. We played another good show with a rad, riotous, local three-piece, Morgan and the Organ Donors, and got to catch up with our friends (and yet more former Coloradoans) Sarah and Joel. Sarah is a photographer, and post-show, we were lucky enough to get in a late night photo shoot at their cozy apartment.

From there we made the quick drive to Tacoma to spend the night with Robin from Lust-Cats' sister, Monica.

We left mid-afternoon the next day so we could get into Seattle in time to do some Nirvana sightseeing. After wandering the wrong block for a few minutes, a woman came out of her house and directed us to the proper spot, knowing that (based on our sketchy appearance in the shmancy neighborhood, I'm sure) we were looking for the Cobain house. Surrounded by a fence and a plethora of security cameras, the house was pretty well hidden, but the adjoining park was open to the public. I don't think any of us anticipated the heaviness of such a visit to the sacred grounds; on top of the grating sadness, I was overcome with a nasty headache and mild nausea.
Kentaro Murai
Sara Century, Moscow, Idaho
But ultimately, I think we were all energized by the pilgramage, and took the inspiring thoughts with us to the Rendevous Grotto for our show with our sister Seattle band, TacocaT. This venue may have been the coolest one we've played so far; set in the Belltown area, it had a rich history as a live music spot in the 90s, and was supposedly haunted from its speakeasy roots. The vibe was so pleaseant though, we concluded that if it was really inhabited by lost souls, the ghosts were probably serious partiers who had been subject to pretty cool after life in their favorite bar.

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