The '90s make a womping comeback: Fifteen tracks get a good old dubstep goose via remix

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There are a lot of things to love about the '90s: Power Rangers, Cindy Crawford, Titanic, Beanie Babies, Win Ben Stein's Money, Mr. Bean, Friends or that notorious low-speed chase involving a white van and a retired professional football player. The music, however, was the best part of the decade. Who could forget such dank tunes from Nirvana, TLC and -- dare we say it -- the Spice Girls?

Apparently, no one. That's why a few '90s nostalgics have taken fifteen of the decade's most popular tunes and made them relevant again. How? By remixing them, of course, dubstep style, and then posting them on YouTube. Add some womp-womps to "The Sign," and suddenly, Ace of Base is the bomb-diggity again. Boo ya!


15. Reel 2 Real - I Like to Move It
"I Like to Move It" already had a resurgence once in the last few years, when it was included in the soundtrack to the animated film Madagascar, in 2005. Since then, this song, originally from 1994, has inexplicably managed to hold on to its popularity. Maybe it's the appealing message -- "I like to dance, I like to shake my body" -- maybe it's the Eurodance vibe of the track (like so many others of the '90s), or maybe, just maybe, it's this dubstep remix.


14. TLC - No Scrubs
No, we don't want no scrubs. Not now and definitely not in the late '90s, thanks to T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli. They warned us to avoid guys who think they're fly while sitting on their broke asses. This hit from 1999 was played into the ground, so it's nice to hear that the dubstep remix breathes new life into an old, empowering jam, with new drops and the layering of the vocal tracks at the end of the mix.

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13. Ace of Base - The Sign
Oh, Ace of Base. Your early singles paved the way for many a pop star looking to add mad synth tracks to their own songs. (Let's be fair here, Gaga's "Alejandro" sounds near-identical to an overwhelming percentage of the Ace of Base catalogue -- but we knew that.) So this time, it's Ace of Base's turn. Mixing the staccato elements of "E.T." with the griminess of "Hold It Against Me," this dubstep remix of 1993's "The Sign" could compete with some of the songs by pop's brightest stars today -- Britney, Katy and even Gaga included.


12. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Something tells us Courtney Love would have a heyday if she found out that 1991's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" got the dubstep treatment. Unfortunately for her, however, this version of Nirvana's runaway hit, which paved the way for alt-rockers everywhere, is so damn catchy you'll want to play it over and over and over. And isn't that the true definition of nirvana, musical bliss? If only other '90s rock songs were given dubstep makeovers, too. Oh, wait, keep reading...

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11. La Bouche - Sweet Dreams
If you ever bought a mixtape in the '90s -- or made one, for that matter -- it was an unspoken requirement of the decade that "Sweet Dreams" be on said mixtape. Though La Bouche was from Germany, the Eurodance band's debut single, "Sweet Dreams," was a seminal dance hit in the United States in 1994, and it led the way for the followup, "Be My Lover," to do even better. Nowadays, "Sweet Dreams" gets more attention -- most likely because of the new love it's getting from the dubstep community.

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some guy

These remixes don't make themselves, and I can find who did them on Youtube, but please give credit where it's due

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