Montgomery Gentry and the Denver Broncos: Lord knows I'm a "Lucky Man"... or am I?

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Maybe you've noticed this, maybe you haven't. We did, and it's sort of been stuck in our craw ever since. The other day, we were listening to one of the new country stations in town (hey, don't judge us -- it's a perfect palate cleanser!) when a song from Montgomery Gentry came on, a banal little ditty called "Lucky Man."

Like most of the other dreck cluttering the airwaves these days, it was pretty formulaic and therefore unremarkable: moaning pedal steel, twangy vocals, hackneyed sentiments about being grateful for what you've got. If not for one line in particular that caught our ear, the song would've probably just blended into the background. The line in question involves our beloved football team:

I have days where I hate my job,
This little town and the whole world, too
And last sunday when the Broncos lost
Lord it put me in a bad mood

Aw, shucks, Montgomery Gentry, I bet you say that to all the towns. Indeed. Come to find out, the original line in that song name checks the Bengals, not the Broncos. And this is not the first time that we've noticed something like this happening. Can't remember the name of the tune offhand, but at one point we seem to recall hearing a John Anderson song that name-checks one of the stations, specifically.

We're not sure how we should feel about this trend toward regionalism, which seems to be prevalent and relegated strictly to new country. Should we be flattered that the dudes went to the trouble of recording a customized version of their song especially for our little one-horse town, or should we feel patronized by this pandering effort to insult our intelligence?

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Dave, good catch but actually TONS of modern top 40 country songs have city / state / radio station namecheck lyrics.

The new Eric Church single namechecks KYGO and The Wolf when played on those stations. And there's a bazillion more where that came from!

Calvin Locklear
Calvin Locklear

Not a fan of this idea. Shania Twain did the same thing a few years ago. Recorded the same album in a Country, Pop, and Middle Eastern style. Why do I know that....?


Indeed. With that in mind, I remembered the name of that song that name checks KYGO -- it's actually by Gary Allan, not John Anderson, and it's called "Nothing On But the Radio."

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