Exclusive behind-the-scenes peek from the set of the new Manufactured Superstars video

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Yesterday we were on the set with Manufactured Superstars, who were shooting their new video at Beta with Vista TV. The scene at Beta yesterday was quite different from a typical night at the club with hundreds of people jumping, dancing, sweating and just all-out raging. The vibe was fun, but definitely a little more, uh, serious, which is fitting, since "Serious" just so happens to be the name of the song for which the video was being shot.

Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo started Manufactured Superstars in 2005 and have been getting down ever since. For the new video, Roulier and Sabo hooked up with the folks at Vista TV Focus 4 Design, who, as you might recall, recently shot the Foodchain's "Yes Indeed (G Girl)" video.


Vocals on the track "Serious" -- which won't actually be released until exclusive remixes come back from Fedde Le Grand, Calvin Harris, Ed Rush and Optical -- were handled by Celina Albright, whom you see dancing in the video. Albright, a Colorado transplant from sunny California, performed the song live at Beta last weekend. The track is due out some time next month through Beatport and other online music outlets.

Click through to see more pics from the set

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Way to go, Selina!!!!

Selina Albright
Selina Albright

I'm SO excited for the release of this video!!! It was great to work with all of you -- I had so much fun. :D

Selina Albright

Glynis Albright
Glynis Albright

Work it, Selina!!!!!!  I am so proud of you!!  

Love, Mom


Thank you, Jackie!! :D

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