Oh, baby! In case you missed it: Fez Garcia in front of the infamous O.J. Simpson crime scene

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Once upon a time, long before Fez Garcia was the drummer for half the bands in Denver (or, at the moment, just Fingers of the Sun, Bury My Bones and Night of Joy), he was a goofy kid with glasses. When we put the call out earlier this week for childhood photos of our favorite local musicians playing the Westword Music Showcase tomorrow for this week's contest (stay tuned, we'll be revealing who's who and picking winners shortly), Fez's mom gladly offered up this picture of him.

Aw, a Dodgers hat and everything!
She also casually happened to mention that not only was a ten-year-old Fez standing in front of some crime-scene tape, but that, well, he was standing in front of the Nicole Brown-Simpson/Ron Goldman murder scene. Apparently, the summer almost-eleven-year-old Fez went to visit his dad in Los Angeles, the district attorney was also working on the O.J. Simpson murder case with Marcia Clark. The story behind a childhood photo really doesn't get any better than this.

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Hahahaha I went to grade school with him, and ended up playing with him in a band called Fissure Mystic.


Back then I used to call him Milhouse! after the simpsons nerd! Do you know who I am Fez?

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