Reader: I'm so proud of you for opening this fine music club

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You may lose a few cool points if your mom comments about your success on the Internet in a public forum like a music blog -- but goddamn if it isn't the sweetest thing you'll read all day.

Hats off to Geri Ragan for leaving this comment on our blog post Thursday about the coming re-opening of the Roxy Theatre, which from the photo looks incredibly cleaned up by new owners Travis Ragan and Ivan Ovchinnikov.

Here's that comment:


We can only guess that's Travis Ragan's mom (in which case, Travis, you may get chided from your friends, but you've got one cool mom).

And here's that new club:


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lol ya man my mom is awesome, it feels good to have support from family and friends! She has seen us come along way in this music industry as well as in life. We will make you proud! As a matter of fact. Thank you mom and dad for your support I love you both.

Only the Strong Survive!

Geri Ragan
Geri Ragan

I always have your back!  Thanks for the honor of comment of the day! xoxo

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