In an effort to get prepared for Showcase, we proved that Thursday really is the new Friday

The lineup for this weekend's Westword Music Showcase is pretty extensive. In fact, if you're unprepared it can be overwhelming. With this notion in mind, we put ourselves through a practice run for Showcase and hit every show we could last night. From Funky Buddha, where the work-out started, to the Bluebird Theatre where it finished (click through for a full photo rundown), we got quite a workout and now feel sufficiently prepared to get our Showcase on.

Photo and Map by Britt Chester

Turns out, Thursday really is the new Friday.

Photo by Britt Chester

As mentioned, the evening started out at Funky Buddha , where Franky Groove was spinning some dance tracks in the upstairs bar and B Money was getting his set prepped for the entire night. Since we started the night so early, the crowds hadn't really started to pile in yet. Just the same, B Money and Groove were spinning some good hip-hop and dance.

Photo by Britt Chester

Rockstar Lounge didn't have a soul in it at 9:30 p.m., and since Denver apparently hits the town way after that, we weren't able to photograph any talent or crowds at this venue.

Photo by Britt Chester

Sutra was getting rocked by the Recon Crew and DJ Soleil, who happened to have a birthday last night and was planning to celebrate, apparently, by spinning with everyone and their mother. Disorder was priming the front room and Soleil was playing around on the tables in the back with Cory Scott.

Photo by Britt Chester

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That's not a picture of Stacc$, its actually a photo of his partner and lyrical massacre CR. the are both members of The 5 Boyz. They grew up in  the very neighborhood where the The Roxy is and has been located for years.They are currently working on a joint album titled HERE COMES TROUBLE. Colorado, they are here.


Thank you for the correction - 

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