Another new-band alert: Meet Thief River, a group made up of former members of Rexway

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So evidently, we should have held off a bit longer posting that scene report yesterday. After that item went live, we received word that Primasonic had reached the end of the road, and this morning, we caught wind of another new group getting ready to hit the scene. Thief River is being led by Mike Mitchell and features some of his former Rexway co-horts -- Chris Dockter on guitar and Craig Dubin on drums -- along with King Rat guitarist Mike Makkay and bassist Geoff Orwiler.


The outfit, slated to make its live on August 20 at the Soiled Dove Underground, just posted a clip for the first single from its self-titled, forthcoming three-song EP, which the quartet recorded at Strickler Studio with Jimmy Strickler. Check out the video (shot in the band's rehearsal space), and then download the tracks below.

MP3: Thief River - "Anarchy Road"
MP3: Thief River - "Southern Comfort"
MP3: Thief River - "Violet Best"

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