Review: The Avett Brothers at Red Rocks, 7/9/11

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The Avett Brothers last night.
Last night at Red Rocks, when Governor John Hickenlooper introduced the Avett Brothers -- which he called the one of best bands in the world -- he said, "If you look back into the history of music, there's something special about people who are born with multiple talents and from childhood get to sing together as brothers. I'm talking about the Everly Brothers. I'm talking about the Wilson brothers of the Beach Boys. And we're going to hear another band that's every bit as good."

That's a tall order, putting the Avett Brothers in the same company as the Everly Brothers and the Beach Boys. But Hickenlooper might have a point. Siblings seem to have inherent thing when playing together that other people don't have, a sort of intuition that only comes from sharing the same blood. Whatever it is, Scott and Seth Avett have it, as Saturday's show at Red Rocks proved.

Photo: Brandon Marshall
The Avett Brothers last night at Red Rocks. See more Avett Brothers at Red Rocks photos

For just under two hours, the Avetts pulled material from pretty much every one of their recordings, showing the full spectrum of what the band is capable of. From heartbreaking ballads to foot-stomping barn burners and everything in between, the brothers traded off lead vocal duties and offered up some remarkable harmonies.

Opening with a pair of tunes from their latest effort, the Rick Rubin-produced I and Love and You, the Avetts came out full of enthusiasm on "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise" and "Tin Man." While "Go to Sleep" started off somewhat slow, it didn't take long before most of the guys in the band were jumping up and down. As with quite a few songs over the night, a lot of the folks in the sold-out Red Rocks crowd sang along.

"Go to Sleep" was just one of the many of the tunes where it felt like the Avetts had the capacity crowd (close to 9,500 people) in the palms of their hands. The band's exuberance for the first half hour or so definitely seemed to rub off on the audience through a buoyant take on "January Wedding," and two back-to-back tunes from 2007's Emotionalism -- "Shame" and "Paranoia in B-Flat."

Photo: Brandon Marshall
The Avett Brothers last night at Red Rocks. See more Avett Brothers at Red Rocks photos

Before Scott and Seth Avett and bassist Bob Crawford crowded around one microphone to do a moving take on John Denver's "Back Home Again," one of the brothers said they grew up listening to Denver. (Before Hickenlooper introduced the band, AEG's president Chuck Morris inducted Denver into the Red Rocks Hall of Fame and said that the singer-songwriter was a big inspiration to the Avett Brothers.)

Set List and more photos below.

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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I love the Avett Brothers and loved the show. But I've never been to a sold out show at Red Rocks, and it seemed almost oversold. The General Admission section was so small, we couldn't fit into it, so we set up shop on the ledges with a bunch of others. It just seems like for $40 you should have a place to sit.


Ps- Good review. Amazing show. 

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