BLKHRTS cordially invite you to dress in black and attend their sacrificial blessing ceremony

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Leave it to the often brilliant, overstimulated, complicated mind of Yonnas Abraham to come up with something completely creative on the fly that nobody else would even remotely have thought of -- much less be able to facilitate -- to turn what might otherwise be just another show for any other act into something of a one-of-a-kind, must-see sort of spectacle.

BLKHRTS are getting ready to hit the road for a short trip out west, and as a tour kick off, the crew is hosting a sacrificial ceremony at Old Curtis Street on Saturday, August 6. But this invocation isn't in name only: Turner Jackson has been tapped to officiate, 1984 is serving as the drum corp, and Isis Speaks is handling execution duties. A program has been drawn up and everything, and wearing black is encouraged. Have a look below and listen to a brand new remix of "SX DRGS VLNC MN DTH."

Click through to see official sacrificial ceremony program.

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Old Curtis Street Bar - CLOSED

2100 Curtis St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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Right on YO for the love everybody need to be at this show and find out why the BLK HRTS are the dopiest group in CO 



Shout out Nathan Reid for the co-production, Jesse O Brien for the new mix and Lenny Lenn for the master! Y'all are my road dogs!

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