New Fingers of the Sun video is absolutely the most adorable thing in the history of ever

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Fingers of the Sun kick summer into full gear with its video for "The Leaves Were So Green," directed by Zorab Ovsepyan and released this week, a song that sounds like a sunrise looks. Taken from its self-titled album released earlier this year, the song is a summer jam with a hook that's hard to let pass through your head.

We would have loved to be a passerby in whatever park the video was filmed in, because it looks like it was probably a grand old time for everyone involved. What's especially telling is how good the band is in front of the camera.

Not only does Ovsepyan manage to capture them in a completely unnatural habitat playing unamped guitars -- he makes them look like they're supposed to be there. It's a feat enough just to get lips and hand synced, but to make it all look natural is a triumph. Plus, the "bum-bum-bum" part around 1:50 would make any mother tear up a little, it's such a virtuous little segment.

If you've been hunting for your summer single, this is it. It has everything you need, a smiling, dancing band, a park on a clear day and even bubbles. If nothing else, we'll guarantee this will brighten your day a little bit.

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Wow, Cool video. Feels like how the world could be if we wanted it. I wonder if Mr. Zorab Ovsepyan would do a video for my project.  Similar concept but at the beach.


That could be interesting, I would like to hear a song you want music video made for email me

Mary Schoonmaker
Mary Schoonmaker

Nate et al!  You guys are so very talented and your music makes me so happy in a time that's not so much.  Thank you!  Mary (Greg's mom,) Schoonmaker

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