Odd Future due at the Fox Theatre on Saturday, October 8 and Ogden on Sunday, October 9

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Update (07/29/11): Colorado dates confirmed via Tyler, The Creator himself this morning on Twitter.

Dang, dude. Shit just got hella interesting. Word on the street is that Odd Future is slated to make its Colorado debut at the Fox Theatre on Saturday, October 8, and its Denver debut at the Ogden Theatre on Sunday, October 9. That's right, the night before the Watch the Throne tour hits the Pepsi Center. Without question, this will be the biggest weekend for hip-hop in the Mile High City all year long. No word yet on when tickets will go on-sale, but you can bet these shows will sell out with an absolute quickness. Swag!


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Ogden Theatre

935 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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