Primasonic farewell show slated for this Saturday night at Bender's Tavern

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Earlier today, literally minutes after we posted a scene report detailing all the recent shake-ups, breakups and births in the scene, we received word about another noteworthy development -- so noteworthy, in fact, that we thought it deserved a post all its own. This Saturday, Primasonic, a combo led by Sindo Lamas that has called it a day, is playing one last show at Bender's Tavern, with the Evening Edition and Inoculate.

Before parting ways, the outfit made a pretty decent name for itself as a bare-knuckle throwback to late-'70s punk and even chalked up a Westword Music Showcase nomination along the way. No word yet on what Lamas has in store, but the rest of the band has drafted a new lead singer named Bill Gregory, written a bunch of new material, and is planning to make its debut sometime in August under a new name to be announced.

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Kurt Moore
Kurt Moore

Well Nick, you were right on target: we had about a dozen people in the room at midnight on a Saturday night, most of whom were related to us. After we finished, a guy who had never heard us before said, "why aren't you guys famous? You are amazing!" We could only answer, "Good question, and thanks for the compliment".

We got really tired of putting so much work into writing and playing good music, and receiving so little local support. We got tons of interest and kuddos from other countries - that's why Reno is touring in Europe again, I guess. 

We do it because we love it, but sometimes it feels like we're playing pro-level basketball on an asphalt court in the wilderness, without lights, at night. Catch y'all later!

Nick C.
Nick C.

Seriously? Wow. Haven't seen them in a while but cool band. Why is it that all the shitty bands stay together while the good ones split? I'm guessing lack of support from the locals. I'm guilty of it, too. We'll never build a great local scene if we're showing lackluster support for these bands. Lame. I'll be at Benders. maybe if enough of us show up they'll change there minds and stay together?

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