Reader: "Wow. It must be tough being so uptight. It's a concert...not a church service.""

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So our most recent Hot Topic post about camera phones at shows generated some interesting responses. Some folks are miffed by the phenomenon, while others, like Dave (no relation, but having that name evidently entitles him to a free entree at Famous Dave's next month, we hear), our commenter of the day, think that being incensed only means you're uptight. See Dave's comment below.

"Wow. It must be tough being so uptight. It's a concert, or club gig, not a church service. Shows are communal events where a variety of people get together to share a common experience. Also a communal event where alcohol is served which affects different people differently. You have to know that going in, and getting upset that people talk or take pictures seems futile. A good percentage of the audience views the event as a social outing, which in essence it is."

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Peter Black
Peter Black

I'm totally behind this guys response. I can't stand when everyone thinks the crowd should shut the fukk up and worship at concerts. Nothing bores me more. Stay home and spare all of us your tears because we want to have a cold one and chill the hell out while we get our groove on LIVE. 


You can't stand when EVERYONE (your words) thinks YOU should STFU?  You can get your asshole on LIVE anywhere.   Go somewhere else and spare us your dickishness because we like  to HEAR live music and aren't some obnoxious scenster like you, there only to impress your clueless friends you brought to entertain with your stories.

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