Photos: Flux Pavilion and Doctor P at The Fillmore, 8/6/11

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Britt Chester
Welcome to Denver, dubstep capital of America
Sub.Mission, Colorado's leader in the dubstep production movement, teamed with Triad Dragons to present Flux Pavilion and Doctor P at the Fillmore Auditorium. Backed by a strong team of locals including Dodger, RumbleJunkie, DJ Ishe, and Coult-45, the night proved to be the precedent for future bass shows. If you didn't witness the Circus, don't worry, we were on site to capture the evening of non-stop dancing.

Britt Chester
Before the night even got started, Dayquil had a little run in with an i-beam that rendered him unconscious, and assumed concussed. Dodger and Dayquil were billed to play together, but the inch-long gash above his eye was too much. The paramedics assured us he was in stable condition and perhaps was able to catch the tail-end of the show.

Britt Chester
The line started building at 5:00 p.m., two hours before the doors opened. It ran smooth until 9:00 p.m. when late arrivals started piling in and bottle-necking at the security checkpoint. The Fillmore maintains a strict search policy that typically leaves a lot of contraband on the ground.

Britt Chester
Ms. Easy's crew of clowns paraded around the packed auditorium on miniature bikes, big-wheel bikes, spring-stilts, all while maintaining costume and character.

Photo by Britt Chester
DJ Ishe answered questions about the night and the scene just moments before he joined Coult-45 on stage for a dual set. The general consensus for many of the opening DJs was simply the scale of this show. While some have seen this crowd level on the steps of Red Rocks or in the field at Sonic Bloom, for many, this is the biggest crowd they've played for.

Britt Chester
The doors opened at 7:00 p.m. in unison with the first 808 to hit the speaker box. The floor flooded and remained packed all night with hungry dubsteppers crowd surfing, dub-moshing (less aggressive than, say, a Rage Against the Machine pit in Mexico City?) and general raging.

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