Reader: Why can't you be both, a master wordsmith and a major jackass?

Morrissey: Jackass and wordsmith?
That's the question posed by reader Wade Sears in reaction to Cory Lamz's piece published on Wednesday about Morrissey's comments comparing the shooting in Norway to slaughterhouses used by fast-food chains. (Moz, as fans know, is a staunch vegetarian.) Read the full comment by Mr. Sears below.


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Ian O
Ian O

Cory Lamz didn't really write a "piece." It was 10 unrelated quotes taken out of context. Morrissey isn't a jackass or a wordsmith. He just said 10 things that Lamz googled. Wade Sears' had many good points, but his best point was his first "trying to find your point here..."

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