Photos: Pretty Lights at Red Rocks, 8/13/11

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The second sold out night of the Pretty Lights Music showcase was the perfect way to end a hometown run for Derek Vincent Smith, who plays music under the Pretty Lights moniker. With some help from Big K.R.I.T., Michael Menert, Gramatik and Skream, Smith delivered a show with immaculate production. We figured since it is called Pretty Lights, you might want to see some. Click through for video (just added) and photos.

Big K.R.I.T., Michael Menert, Gramatik and Skream all joined Smith for the night. Krit opened with some hard raps, but looking like he was having a blast on stage. Something about Krit is that he is always smiling when he raps, and that positive energy is contagious because everyone in Red Rocks was feeling his flow. Gramatik and Menert played similar sets to those of Friday, but the audio at Red Rocks really pushes the sound of the music.

Britt Chester
The crowd filled the lots early in the afternoon. From the north along the road down to the bottom of the south lot, limos and party buses filled with smart thinking party-goers blared music and got their pre-game on.

Britt Chester
Big K.R.I.T. performed after Gramatik tested the audio for the openers. The rapper's performance was very well received, with the half-full amphitheater bobbing along to hits like "Country Sh*t," all sippin' drinks.

Britt Chester
Gramatik invited everyone to smartphone-film his opening song in his second set. The crowd complied, some attendees holding two cameras. The footage will be used for a video and anyone who submits will get credit in the video.

Britt Chester
Gramatik opened with a new song that he's been working on, then invited guitarist and friend Alex out to play alongside with him. The set was energetic, but very similar, if not identical, to the previous night's and the one he played at Beatport on Friday. Nonetheless, everyone was feeling his sounds and grooving hard towards the end when he really started letting the bass hit.

Britt Chester
Live television monitors displayed all the happenings up on the stage for anyone that may not have been close enough to see the sweat dripping from all their faces. Here, Gramatik filled the venue just as the clouds were overtaking the sky, preventing many from enjoying both a full moon and a meteor shower.

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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Thanks for posting these! The show was like nothing I've ever seen before. PL (and Skream) TORE IT UP!

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