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Brandon Marshall
Madeline Follin of Cults last night at the sold-out Larimer Lounge show.

In a lot of ways, last night's fast and furious set from Cults at the Larimer Lounge was the best show possible for a band with a short discography. They played the hits and sounded good doing it, and when they left the stage less than an hour later, nobody was disappointed. Everyone, it seemed, just wanted to get out. It was crazy hot in there.

Cults opened with "Abducted." Madeline Follin swayed back and forth from behind the microphone, her voice sounding just as alternately sweet and smoky as the album. "I feel like it's raining in here," she said after the song, indicating the humidity in the small, sold-out room.

The second song was "The Curse," a relatively older track for the band formed in 2010. While the jazzy, soulful song opened strongly and atmospherically, it fizzled out at the end, which could be why is wasn't included on Cults's self-titled album.

Aside from the heat, there were some sound issues. The sound out of the speakers was tinny, and the drums, especially the snare, sounded shrill. Opener Guards played a solid opening set that was marred by feedback most of the way through. The five-piece, featuring Richie Follin, brother of Cults lead woman-slash-heartthrob Madeline Follin, didn't get to sound-check.

Brandon Marshall
Brian Oblivion of Cults last night at Larimer Lounge.
The set continued with the occasional "it is really hot" remark from Brian Oblivion, the other half of Cults. Follin and Oblivion steadily worked through their album, backed by three guys covering guitar, percussion and bass. Sound issues aside, they sounded tight and without frills. The crowd remained relatively still -- making the occasional exception for the band's hits like "You Know What I Mean" and "Go Outside."

The show ended without an encore. "We all know it's hot in here, so here's our last song," Oblivion said before launching into "Oh My God." Then it was all over, and the crowd knew it. They quickly flooded out.


Personal Bias: Before I got the album in June, I didn't want to like Cults because of the incessant buzz, but the album's '60s pop-meets-'80s rock sensibilities proved too charming to resist. It has been on my iTunes Top 25 Most Played list for a couple of months.
Random Details: It was the sound guy's first night on the job, according to Guards.
By the Way: The band left Denver shortly after the set for a show in Kansas City tonight.

More photos from last night's Cults show are on the next page.

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Larimer Lounge

2721 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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Jenny An sucks at her job
Jenny An sucks at her job

HA HA HA !!  This reviewer had her head so far up her *** that she failed to notice really anything that happened.  Writer had a great set with no feedback (they were first) Guards had a terrible set with a ton of feedback (they were second) and if you were there at the beginning of their set you would have heard and seen their very long line check.  I'm no expert but if the "new" soundguy had really just not known what he was doing wouldn't the first band have sounded bad?  Bands love to blame sounding like crap on anything and everything that doesn't involve them admitting they sucked that night!  Lastly, Cults had their own soundguy and if this reviewer would have gotten there early enough to actually fit into the room it sounded great.  I'll admit the bands sound while standing at the bar was thin but when i was closer and there weren't 200 people between me and the speakers it was full and booming!  The singer was a different story, her singing voice was WAY quieter than even her speaking voice and she put no energy or emotion into any one song they did.  She made it a complete waste of my time and money and i think she is the real reason everyone left so quickly and there was no encore.  Overall the first band stole the show!  A great set with great positive energy and a great original sound.  I had never heard them before but they are the only band on the bill that i would go out to see again.  Funny that this reviewer completely missed them and even mistakenly reported that they had sound issues.

Jenny An, Please go to the shows that you are supposed to be reviewing.  Anyone actually there can see right through your hack journalism

dh, please fire this one or at least don't let her contribute reviews about events that she missed half of


it was crazy hot for sure, but they should have rallied. pretty disappointed.

derp derp
derp derp

It actually wasn't the sound guys first night at all. Besides that, The Cults brought their own sound guy with them, so they essentially sounded exactly like they wanted to. FYI.

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