Velvet Elvis's Top 10 favorite Elvis songs in honor of the King's passing 34 years ago today

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Today's a historic day, in case you were wondering. Not only is it the 34th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death, but today will mark the day that the Velvet Elvis, one of the country's top Elvis "emulators," comes to rest as well. In honor of the occasion, we asked the Velvet Elvis himself, Jonny Barber, to list his favorite songs by the King. Turned out to be an arduous task.

"When you first asked me to pick my top five favorite Elvis songs, that was a tall order, to say the least! I honestly didn't think I could narrow it down to just five," says Barber. "When I type the name 'Elvis Presley' into my iTunes search, I get 888 songs -- or 1.6 days of unrepeated King. After almost a full day of listening, I ended up having two lists: My five favorite to listen to, and my five favorite to perform live."

Velvet Elvis at the former site of the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana, where Elvis performed his last show.

Tonight at 7 p.m., the Velvet Elvis will be put to rest at a funeral service at Barber's Church of Rock and Roll. Barber, who is 42 -- the same age Elvis was when he passed -- told us last week that if he wanted to keep it legit, it was time for him to leave the building. Barber is building an online shrine to the King at, and welcomes and encourages anyone and everyone to send over their Elvis/Velvet Elvis stories and pictures.

Click through for the Velvet Elvis's favorite songs to listen to.

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