Win tickets to the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival this Sunday up in Lyons

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See the Civil Wars with Jackson Browne, Danielle Ate the Sandwich and more
Congrats to Katie Koivisto. She and a guest will be our guests this Sunday up at the way sold-out Rocky Mountain Folks Fest. While the prospect of seeing the Civil Wars alone would have our hearts racing and justify a trip up to Lyons just to see them, evidently Katie is going to be the total hero of her best friend, who evidently loves Carolina Chocolate Drops with "the love of a thousand Garrison Keilors," as she so eloquently put it. Have fun Katie!

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Katie Koivisto
Katie Koivisto

The Civil Wars would be pretty damn rad, but the CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS?! 1- They'd straight blow my brain right outta my head and 2- I'd be a total hero to my best friend, who loves them with the love of a thousand Garrison Keillors. Trust me, those tickets would go to extraordinarily good use.

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