Air Dubai's "Warm Days" on Jersey Shore a precursor to another argument between Ronnie and Sammi

Here we go again.
File this one under any press is good press. So if your band is the background music to yet another excruciatingly long fight between characters (yes, they're characters) Ronnie and Sammi from Jersey Shore, you should be thankful.

That's the situation (sorry, had to) facing Air Dubai, whose song "Warm Days," off its latest effort, the Wonder Age album, got a split-second (literally, blink and you'll miss it) cameo on the September 8 episode of the show, which is now in the middle of its fourth season. Watch it below.

Tune in at about 15:03 into the episode. Unless you have some sort of ad-blocker installed on your browser, you'll have to watch at least two commercials about young girls becoming DJs (truthfully, I muted it), which is only slightly obnoxious, but that's the demo we're dealing with here.

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Apparently Denver Press only thinks it's cool when you are on Greys Anatomy. Come on now, Jersey Shore is the highest rated show on television, fist pumps and all. 

Walter S.
Walter S.

Too much bitching about jersey shore, not enough praise for a local band actually getting some real recognition in this town. Hire some new writers, Westword.


Nobody's knocking the placement. It's definitely cool, thus why we wrote it up -- it would be far cooler, though, if MTV would've used it in a way that was more recognizable, resulting in even more well deserved exposure. AD has some dope songs, but you wouldn't know it from that snippet. I mean, the network is already licensing the song, why not use it as something more than texture. Don't you agree? Either way, again, good look for those dudes.

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