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We've looked at plenty of individual band apps over the last couple of years, but we've only seen one creation tool for bands, FanTrail, that made its debut it early this year. Now there's another player on the plate, Apps Bar, and it will make your music app for Android or iOS for free.

Now, don't go in expecting anything like Björk's iOS app, this is mostly about creating simple apps for bands with no budget, where they can link together information and music into one place. Apps Bar initially launched as a creation tool for small businesses, but when bands started flocking to it, they decided to add music specific features.

To get things setup, you don't need to know much about anything. You'll want to get together a set of images to use, as well as a band logo or whatever as your icon, but other then that, Appsbar handles all the background, interfaces and everything else.


Once you've got the look down, you'll be able to toss in whatever information you like, including full songs and albums, or just snippets, along with just about any other information you'd like to incorporate. That includes video, concert dates, social media, contact info and everything else.

Right now, there are already over 700 bands using the service to create simple apps, some of which are pretty good looking. The bulk of them, as these things are wont to go, look like total crap -- but that just comes with the territory. The tools are there to make something worthwhile, but you've got to willing to spend the time to do it.

The whole thing is easy to use and if you've already got everything set to go, doesn't take long to create. If you've always thought your band deserved an app, this is an excellent place to start for free.

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Matt Herman
Matt Herman

You should ask them how long it takes to get an app published for the Apple store. It's been nearly 3 months since my two apps were submitted and approved, but still no Apple store publishing. I know it's not necessarily AppsBar's fault, but I feel like they're definitely being fully transparent when they know Apple is not approving these free Apps in a timely manner (if at all). Just my two cents. Spent nearly 20 hours developing content and though the Android version was published quickly, it wasn't anything like the "preview" version of the App. Great idea. Poor execution. Promising more than they can deliver.  :(

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