Local fans share their best Phish stories: Our top five favorites out of those shared this week

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There were some amusing Phish stories were shared this week.
If you've just joined us, earlier this week we gave away a pair of three-day, general admission field passes to see Phish this weekend at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. Rather than just giving the tickets away at random, we asked folks to share their best Phish stories, and the response was overwhelming.

The frontrunners (the ones that received the most "likes") were obvious. All in all, there were great stories, Some tales were taller than others. Just in case you didn't have the time or wherewithal to wade through them all, we picked our top five favorites. We given them a light edit for readability, but otherwise, they're as they were written. Page down to see which ones we picked.

When a Phishing trip with a buddy becomes something you'll never forget

05. Two Buddies Take a Phishing Trip to Remember by @ Jimmy

In 1996, I was working at a summer camp in Minnesota. As the summer came to a close, my very good friend John and I decided we were going to travel cross country to the Clifford Ball, Phish's first large festival. We had at least a week to make it there, so we meandered through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, visiting buddies, crashing at plush vacation homes, and generally just taking in the beautiful scenery of the north, and given our youth undoubtedly drinking throughout.

At the last minute, we decided we were going to go through Canada, so we shot north to Sualt St. Marie, clearing the border with ease despite our appearance. We drove a lovely day along Lake Superior, through Thunder Bay, and on to Montreal. In Montreal we explored the city, drank legally, and experienced our first strip club.

Had the road trip ended here, it would have been a great one, but we still had the main event, and the next morning we hit the road for Plattsburgh. Surprisingly, we cleared the border easily again, and given our direction of approach were in the festival grounds in no time at all.

John and I were in awe. Just several years earlier we had been going to see Phish in bars and clubs with small crowds. And here before us was an endless sea of people. We were shocked, and it wasn't disappointment in the crowd size, it was elation. I never dreamed there were this many fans out there. But here they were, all of us 'in on the secret.' Suddenly, some girl next to our car yells, "Oh yea!? Well kiss my ass!" We turn and see a girl with her skirt up, ass bared to the world, and sure enough, another girl is kissing it. I turn to John, he is smiling. "It's going to be a good weekend," he says.

What resulted was more than a good weekend. We quickly found our friends, and attended what many consider to be some of the best Phish shows ever. Perfect weather, great times, and great friends all with a Phish providing the soundtrack... and firing on all cylinders.

Sadly, in August of 2005 my phone rang early in the morning, and I knew it was bad news before I could even check to see who would call so early. John had been killed in a car accident. I knew him since before I could remember, and we had many adventures, and incredible experiences. But whenever I think back upon my friend, it's almost always our trip to the Clifford Ball that comes to mind.

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