Gone but not forgotten: Pick up the Ideal Fathers discography for any price you like

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This past weekend, Ideal Fathers might have played their final show after five years of rock. And while you may never have a chance to see the band play live again, you can pick up most of its discography for free, including the slightly bonkers remix EP by DJ Soup. The group's output was consistently worth listening to, and if you're a fan of loud, gnarly and occasionally cheeky rock and roll, you should not hesitate to pick all this up.

You can snatch up any album you like right now as a name-your-price download, and we suggest picking up "Failing at Nintendo is Not an Option" just for the hell of it, as it's about as far away from what you'd expect from the band as possible. If you're not into that chiptune track, the rest of the Ideal Fathers discography is excellent, including the just released EP, Retail Eyes (embedded below), the band's final recorded effort before throwing in the towel.

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Michael King
Michael King

Thanks, Thorin!  FYI, for anybody who downloaded it already, the song file for Soup's "Mr. Quitman" remix was incomplete and cut off about half the song.  I just replaced the file on the site, and enabled the free download for that individual track.  Sorry for that!

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