Jon Fishman/Phish interview

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Update (09/04/11): Last night we posted an interview with Jon Fishman of Phish that was submitted to us by a freelancer yesterday and represented to us as an original piece of writing. Shortly after the item appeared on our blog, we learned that the interview had originally run in print in Relix Magazine in 1996, at which point we pulled the story. Apologies to our readers.

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Some hippy called you and said they had an interview with Fishman and you bought it ?

Nobody on your staff was able to adequately fact check ?

This is fairly embarrassing, even for The Westword. 

On a different note, I just returned from Libya and was wondering if you guys would be interested in an exclusive interview I conducted with Gaddafi over a cup of jasmine tree and figs. Let me know...


Sam Davis strikes again!!!

Tom Koons
Tom Koons

Nice. I love the smell of plagiarism on a Sunday


Maybe because the guy is a lying, thieving, plagiarizing piece of shit who passes his work off as original when it's not?

that'd be my guess.

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