Phish survival guide, what to expect this weekend: setlist guesses, parking info and more

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Phish kicks off its three-night stand tonight at Dick's Sporting Goods Park
Phish wraps up their summer tour this weekend with three nights at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in lovely Commerce City, ending what many a blogger and message board phanatic have argued is their strongest tour in the two-plus years they have been back on the road. Phish is coming off of a two week break following three amazing nights in Chicago at the University of Illinois that was, by all accounts, an amazing run, but fittingly Trey, Mike, Page and Fishman are ending their summer tour outside under the Colorado stars.

These are really the first truly accessible Phish shows in Colorado since the band reunited in Hampton, Virginia nearly three years ago. Getting tickets to Red Rocks in 2009 was cutthroat, Telluride last summer was nearly as tough a ticket and though the 1STBANK Center last October isn't a tiny room, tickets were still hard to come by for some nights.

Not this summer, though. With concert seating of up to 26,000 inside Dick's Stadium, everyone and their dog who wants to be at these shows will be at them -- including many first-time (and likely future longtime) Phish fans will also be in attendance. So in the spirit of our U2 survival guide from May, we've put together a little primer of what to expect this weekend for tour vets and noobs alike for this weekend of Phish-Dick's.


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The parking lot of a Phish show is a big part of the whole experience of seeing this band. Lots open at 3 p.m. each day, and despite the heat, they will fill up with hoards of people tailgating, likely a few food and drink vendors here and there. For you first-timers: Yes, everyone is in a pretty damn good mood, and no, the '60s didn't make a comeback (don't make jokes like that, either). Make friends with your neighbors, go for a walk and try a few microbrews you've never heard of from the cooler of the guy selling them at the end of your row. Also keep an eye out for fan-created shirts, hats and drink coozies riffing off of band lyrics, song titles and other bits of Phish lore. We've also caught wind of a new trend toward other collectables like hat pins, coins and even bobble heads of band members.

It's also no secret that Phish lots have a pretty steady underground marketplace of illicit substances ranging from some weed to pretty much anything you can imagine. Be careful, as this is Commerce City, and small town cops with big budgets and nothing to do will be out patrolling.

For a good idea of what to expect, check out this video from two weeks ago in Chicago:

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Page down for a map of the grounds and camping information.

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Dick's Sporting Goods Park

6000 Victory Way, Commerce City, CO

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wolfneck's mama
wolfneck's mama

oh i agree they totally suck! i mean... how many other bands with barely any radio airplay or mainstream media clowns writing about them would be able to book a 3 night stand at a 20,000+ seat venue? they must suck! i mean... how many other bands can host their own festival and have over 70,000 in attendance? you are right bro they must be the suckiest band to ever play a note! what a douche


WSP can.

Also, be sure to go with "friends" who aren't going to leave you slumped over in a chair.


Yeah, f you buddy.  Mike and the family of the girl released a joint statement saying this was blown out of proportion and a misunderstanding.  Go back to your garbage music.

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