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Photo by Britt Chester
Euphonic Conceptions' "Re:Creation" at Cervantes's Masterpiece Ballroom ended its two-night run last night with a banging closing set from Opuio. Unfortunately, fellow headliner Jakwob couldn't make it, purportedly because he broke his arm and therefore couldn't play, but nonetheless Cervantes got down.

Both sides of the venue were filled with contrasting music, but somehow it meshed perfectly giving dual-venue ticket holders the opportunity to witness quality live funk, real hip-hop, glitch-hop, dubstep and some mellow, electronic beats. We've compiled some photos from both nights, so click through, find yourself dub stepping or hip-hopping, and enjoy.

Photo by Britt Chester
Vendors and live artists lined the outer walls of the Ballroom. Cervantes' has recently undergone some more renovations in the upper balcony, replacing the old carpet with rubber tiles, much less conducive to beer and sweat soaked stench. The benches along the north balcony wall have been removed, opening the area up for much better mobility.

Photo by Britt Chester
The Malah opened the first night of Re:Creation up with some high energy, progressive jam tracks. These guys have yet to reach the top of their game, but their increasing popularity filled the venue shortly after doors opened. The drummer Seth Fankhauser gets the MVP for the event with a closing drum roll beat that had even myself wondering if he was playing over a studio track. It was on point and skillful, while still creative and enjoyable. Here, bassist Elliot Vaughn gets backlit by the lights, which are always impressive and synched perfectly.

Photo by Britt Chester
Phidelity's sound was off for the majority of his set. The sound engineers were running around like mad men trying to find out why, but for some reason a cord wasn't plugged in, or a wire was not grounded, and the audio was muffled severely. The aerial dancer cleared a giant circle in the middle of the Ballroom, and within the final 15 minutes of his set, all audio problems were fixed. He still raged it on stage.

Photo by Britt Chester
Zobomaze, who recently opened for the legendary George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at City Hall last week, brought the same hype to the Otherside to open things up on the first night of Re:Creation. Like The Malah, their sound is unique and inspiring, as is their dedication to having fun on stage.

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The Malah is where it's at.  Welcome to Denver guys!  Can't wait to see you blow up in the next few years!  Also, pretty sure Bethany & Spencer from OL are married, not brother/sister. 

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