Review: Ke$ha at 1STBANK Center, 9/3/11

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KE$HA at 1STBANK CENTER | 09/03/11
Brandon Marshall
Ke$ha, kid-tested, mother-approved. See more pics in the full Ke$ha at the 1STBANK Center slide show

The floor at 1STBANK Center was blanketed with glitter and gold confetti on Saturday night. This was the aftermath of the pop-star hurricane known as Ke$ha. As the final blasts of confetti sent the crowd out on the best note possible, images of giant penises, greasy Santas and blow-up zebras danced through our heads.

Brandon Marshall
Ke$ha at 1STBANK Center on Saturday. See more pics in the full Ke$ha at the 1STBANK Center slide show.

From start to finish, Ke$ha's set contained more vulgar references than a struggling standup comedian pulling out all the stops in hopes of getting a laugh. Needless to say, any sort of discussion involving better hand jobs in front of such an impressionable young audience may not be the best way to win over the parents that accompanied a sea of scantily clad young ladies to the show, but fans ate it all up, nonetheless.

Brandon Marshall
Ke$ha wasted no time getting to the "Sleazy" part of her show. See more pics in the full Ke$ha at the 1STBANK Center slide show.

Opening her set in a fashion similar to her last trip thorugh town with "Sleazy," Ke$ha stood in the middle of a diamond-shaped light board with light-up glasses, then went into "Take It Off," which was followed by "Blow." Somehow, even after exerting themselves during strenuous sets by Spank Rock and LMFAO, everyone was still delightfully enthused to dance their asses off in a sweaty mass.

Brandon Marshall
Ke$ha espousing the virtues of partying at a rich dude's house. See more pics in the full Ke$ha at the 1STBANK Center slide show.

"Party at a Rich Dude's House" saw Ke$ha opening the song by beating the glitter-shit out of a glowing drum. Yes, glitter and sparkles covered everything. Everything. No matter how far back you stood, inhaling the stuff was virtually unavoidable. After some explanations as to why she loves creepy old men, Ke$ha offered up some elementary-caliber choreography on "Dinosaur," after which she went straight into "Grow a Pair," a tune featuring an eager, booty-cut jean-short-wearing guy tied to a chair getting smacked in the face with a pair of testicles courtesy of the dick-suit man.

Brandon Marshall
Ke$ha, axe-wielding diva. See more pics in the full Ke$ha at the 1STBANK Center slide show.

Without question, "Tik Tok" was the anthem of the night. Even if you hate Ke$ha -- or pop music in general, for that matter -- it's hard to not jump around to the song. Though the encore heard "We R Who We R," the preceding track was the highlight, with every single person singing along to every lyric, and with Ke$ha lending vocals to the crowd on the chorus and various parts...where it was apparent that the altitude had gotten the better of her and the backtrack was completely covering the vocals.

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1STBANK Center

11450 Broomfield Lane, Broomfield, CO

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Nikita Blue
Nikita Blue

I ♥♥♥ Kesha!!!.... but I *hate* that song "Grow a Pear" - it's literally oozing with misandry; I am *so* glad I didn't have to see some guy getting slapped in the face with a nutsack while listening to that song. I might've had to puke up all my ecstasy on my shoes.


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