Black coffee! The 10 songs about black coffee on National Coffee Day!

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Up until about ten years ago, coffee seemed to have its grip firmly around us. Just take the songs below, for example. You won't find any written in the past decade, which is a little sad, the death of coffee and all. Because no one is going to write a song about the energizing effects of a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. And energy drinks are no different, as mass-produced Red Bull doesn't have the same gravitas as freshly brewed coffee. That said, this list is the best list about coffee songs you'll find on the Internet, a mix of obscure, popular and one that's downright awful but you should hear it anyway.

10. "Black Coffee" by Everlast
It's been more than a decade since the former House of Pain MC was in the spotlight for 1998's Whitey Ford Sings the Blues, but "Black Coffee," off 2000's Eat Whitey's is a break-up song about a woman leaving a man "stone-cold sober, just like black coffee." Despite how uncool Everlast is, this song is worth your time, especially on this live version, if only for the jazz organist.

9. "Black Coffee in Bed" by Squeeze
This six-minute polished pop gem by UK band Squeeze was released in April 1982. Fun fact: Elvis Costello sings backing vocals.

8. "Kids on Coffee" by the Descendents
What's with the '80s SoCal punk bands and their odes to coffee? Released in 1986 on the Enjoy album, "Kids on the Coffee" by the Descendents (not to be confused with their other song, "Coffee Mug," released ten years later on Everything Sucks) is the band's tribute to their selected drug of choice:

"Doug is bouncing off the walls
"Ray is drooling big spit balls
"Bill is breaking large objects"

7. "The Coffee Song" by Frank Sinatra
This song is good for one listen and that's it. The now adorably xenophobic Frank Sinatra tells us why you can't get a cherry soda in Brazil, and if you disagree, the zombie Corpse of ol' blue eyes will punch you square in the jaw, mister. This song doesn't do much to dispel the notion that Frank Sinatra phoned-in his entire career. Wait for the end with Sinatra does his best Hispanic accent. For historical reference only.

6. "Racist Coffee" by Julian Smith
3.7 million YouTube views of this video is a testament to the fact that YouTube is the new originator of "ear worms," songs that get stuck in your head and won't go away. "Some only drink it white, some only drink it black, but we drink it both ways so we don't get flack" is just one of the ridiculous lines, but not as ridiculous as Smith's plea to "download this song on iTunes" at the end.

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shoes boot
shoes boot

um lovin it!!!! fyi the coffee!!


You missed "Black Coffee" by Edin-Adahl. 

Kelsey W.
Kelsey W.

Blur's "Coffee and TV" is my personal favorite.


Black coffie, Ike Turner,..covered by humble pie,..


Black Flag "Black Coffee" [Slip It In]

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