Review: STS9 at Red Rocks, 9/9/11

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Brandon Marshall
STS9 last night. See more STS9 photos
Since this was a sold-out show, there was really no possibility of my seeing the opening act, Up Until Now, as I was trapped on the south staircase in a sea of wookies and wookettes. Granted, there really wasn't anything I was more excited about than Snoop Dogg, who blinged a glistening "Snoop Dogg" across his microphone, ahem, pimp hand, for the entirety of his set. Sound Tribe Sector 9 did, of course, not let anyone down with the two raging sets and a crusher of a closer to end the second set that included "EHM," one of the most musically diverse tracks of the night.

A dark stage except for a spotlight on the DJs filled the amphitheater just as the instrumental to "Next Episode" came on. Before we even caught a glimpse of Snoop Dogg, the speakers screeched out "Kiss of Death," a monumental track (notable in the end of "Detroit Rock City" when they all beat each other up) that carries the energy of any number-one dance track, even though it's at about 80 bpms. The DJs' microphones were ear-piercing, but Snoop's was soundchecked perfectly, and we could clearly understand every word as he opened with "I Wanna Rock."

Snoop Dogg last night at Red Rocks. See more photos.
Donning a glistening "DOGG" across his microphone hand, Snoop wormed from side to side on the stage, flawlessly delivering tracks (see full set list) from albums as early as Doggystyle, all the way up to recent radio bangers like Akon's "I Wanna Fuck You," which features Snoop. What's there to say about Snoop that hasn't been said before? This guy has made porn, produced multi-platinum records, starred in movies and been all over mainstream media. If there's something he touches that doesn't turn to gold, I'd like to see what it is. We heard, and a majority of us rapped, all the lyrics to "Nuthin But a G Thang," "P.I.M.P.," and "What's My Name?" It's not typical that a show like this will see such a musically contrasting opener like Snoop Dogg, but it was welcomed with cheers and open arms by the loyal Tribe fans.

On it's second night of a three-night run here, starting with last night at the Ogden Theatre, Sound Tribe Sector 9 sold out Red Rocks in the moments leading up to the show. Credit is probably due to the fact that some people, regardless of skin color, style, musical taste or what have you, simply wanted to catch a glimpse of the Don himself, although most were present to see Tribe.

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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Snoops the bomb! Who wouldn't want to see snoop over STS9 thats why STS9 has them on the bill so they can sell tickets. JMS YOU SUCK!


snoop dogg sucked, as his stupid "pimped out" microphone that you describe was connected to a lame auto-tune setup. Up Until Now (murph's brother) played a sick set..shame on being more excited about snoop than sts9


It's apparent that we have different music taste. STS9 played great sets, that's undeniable, but I've never seen Snoop Dogg and only listened to him since 1993, roughly 5 years before STS9 even formed or released an album. He's a legend.

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