Ten most collectable Phish pins

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Phish parking lots are a gold mine of bootleg memorabilia for fans. It used to be that a clever T-shirt design was the hot item on lot, but these days, fans have been moving into a different type of collectors item: hat pins.

Below are our top ten hat pins in circulation -- with their corresponding Phish song below. Be sure and keep an eye out for some of them as well as new designs in the parking lots, as a few are considered rare and hard to find these days.

10. "Stash" flip coin (Myfe)
"Control for smilers can't be bought
The solar garlic starts to rot
Was it for this my life I sought?
Maybe so and maybe not"

9. "Sanity"/Earth bomb (Myfe) Another Phish oddity, lyrically, but with helpful reminders that "you can trespass anywhere" and "The stars in the sky are really bright." But the narrator also mentions he has lost his mind a couple of times and makes it clear: "You can save the whales, you can save the toads, but I don't care if the (world explodes)."

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i have a ocelot super moriao pin i want to no if it is rare and how much do sell it for

Jonathon Blake
Jonathon Blake

The #1 pin is actually a Central Part Of Town pins...er....uhhhh.....pin.It should be noted as such. MYFE Designs came after CPOT and as someone who knows the Devil's in the details, there ya go.CPOT FTW. /thread

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