A dozen cost-effective (read: cheap) music-related costume ideas for Halloween

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Sometimes, you just don't have the cash lying around to splurge on that expensive Halloween costume. Fear not, young heathens! We have compiled a list of costumes for you that cost nearly nothing. In fact, you probably have the materials lying around the house. Click through for some ideas. And, oh, Happy Halloween!


Materials: One sock. (Note: carry a bass, or you'll look like a pervert)
Directions: Put sock on genitals. Hope someone doesn't pull it off.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist is an easy costume, but certainly not an easy character. The key to maintaining this role is juggle your personalities between complete fucking maniacal bassist and semi-pro actor auditioning for a role in the sequel to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, thus equating to a total lunatic who can shred a bass.


Lady Gaga
Materials: Two packs of Hormel Bacon, one roll of dental floss, one t-bone steak
Directions: Sew bacon strips together with floss to create a dress, wear t-bone steak as a hat.
Lady Gaga's meat dress is not a big surprise, but we imagine that if you are going cheap on a costume this year, then you are not going to waste time on keeping up with the pop star's fashion faux pas. Either way, men love bacon and will naturally attract to your scent, but on that note, so will bloodhounds. It is guaranteed that anyone dressed up as Scooby-Doo, Clifford, or any other canine will hit on you.


Daft Punk
Materials: Christmas lights, cyborg motherboard parts, new skeletal structure
Directions: Undergo surgery to become a robot.
Daft Punk had a daunting rebirth a few years ago and actually woke up as robots. Yes, its true. They are robots. If you would like to mimic this costume, all you will need is a small battery pack to connect your Christmas lights to, a motorcycle helmet to wrap them around, and a large light up pyramid capable of entrancing everyone that sees it. One more time, Daft Punk is robots. Celebrate. Oh Yea. Alright.


Justin Bieber
Materials: A Mallard, Kanye West's sunglasses, a $500 spending spree at Express.
Directions: Attach mallard to the frontal lobe of your head (this is your wig), wear sunglasses, dress yourself in Express clothes.
Justin Bieber is the closest thing to perfect that any of us normal people will ever see. He smiles better, he laughs better, he dances better and he sings better. On Halloween, it could be quite scary just acting like the Biebs because there is a good chance you will get over-the-clothes fondled by many a Selena Gomez costumed girls. You also might suffer from personal hysteria when looking in the mirror, but the duck should calm you down.

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