Reader: Leave Taylor Hicks out of this!

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If there's anything we've learned in our hundreds of years blogging, it's that American Idol fans are nothing if not loyal, passionate, outspoken and quick to defend the honor of whatever idol they happen to have a Google alert set for at the expense of disparaging any fellow alums they may be incidentally compared to. Such was the case yesterday, when Mell, who posted our Comment of the Day, became incensed by the fact that we had the gall to invoke the name of Taylor Hicks, dissing him for no reason, as Mell put it, in the interest of garnering blog hits:


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Well congrats Mr. Blogger. You've managed to get 2 blogs out of your Hicks mention - as well as more than a few Taylor Hicks "hits" from people incensed at what you wrote.  Next time, perhaps you can write a factual article and maybe get some respect out of those few who stumble in here.


I'm a fan of many artists, a few who are from IdoI. I really don't see the point in comparing sales of artists. Sales are largely spured by the labels and radio industry. Those artists who don't get a ton of radio play are not going to sell in huge amounts and let's face it even those artists who are pushed by their label and get the tons of play don't always sell either. Sometimes a flavor of the month star comes out of no where but it is rare. I guess my point is sales do not equate talent. And yes Taylor does seem to get more than his share of disses for no reason other than repeat journalisim. He has been on an almost constant tour ever since his win. As an Indie under his own label he's probably making more money than some on a Label having to split their profits.

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