The Fillmore exterior gets a makeover

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Update (10/10/11): So evidently, there's more to the new wrought-iron fencing at the Fillmore than meets the eye. It's not just an aesthetic enhancement. According to Live Nation Colorado and Rocky Mountain Region president Eric Pirritt, the liquor license has also been extended, meaning that your drink can now accompany you when you duck out for a quick smoke or head outside for some fresh air. And that's just the beginning.

Some of the recent upgrades you can plainly see, such as the wrought-iron fencing mentioned below and the colored lighting outside the venue. (The venue has installed 24 LEDs and has gained control of the street lanterns in front of the Fillmore, and those will all be colored within the next few weeks with low-level LEDs.) Others, meanwhile, are less obvious but no less noteworthy, such as modifications to the roof (the entire roof has received new insulation) and the swamp-cooler system. While you can't necessarily see those changes, you may notice them in the climate control of the venue.

According to Pirritt, there's a number of other enhancements in store in the coming months and year, including installing all new windows at the venue and setting up another entrance into the venue at the rear of the building to allow fans to gain quicker access to shows, all of which are aimed at bolstering the overall concert-going experience.

Original item (10/7/11): Ah, so that's what those brick columns were for in front of the Fillmore. We were wondering. In case you missed it, the Fillmore has installed a new wrought-iron fence in front of the venue, where the smokers congregate during shows. Needless to say, it's an impressive upgrade from the unsightly chain-link fencing that previously separated the nicotine-indulgers from Colfax.

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... and after. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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They did this not for aesthetics but for security. People used to sneak in through the old fence.

edit: and drinking made easier apparently..

Guest Avacados
Guest Avacados

Half-bummed out but it looks good and the hassle-reduction with the drinks is huge.

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